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Commercial Installation and Repairs
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Your building is not adequately protected if:

     ● Vibrations from nearby machinery have shaken critical joints loose

     ● Sections of the system have been dismantled in the process of installing or repairing other roof-top equipment, such as AC units

     ● Dismantled sections have been put back improperly by well-meaning service people

Sometimes existing systems can look like they are protecting your building - but they're not. 
ALPS can inspect your existing system
ALPS repairs now protect this medical building Equipment vibrations can shake joints loose over time.  Pieces of the lightning protection system can be damaged accidentally or even taken apart by other maintenance contractors (A/C, roofing, etc.)

The danger is, to the unprofessional eye, it may not even look damaged.  The bigger danger is you may think you have protection, and find out you don't - the hard way.

Let us inspect your system to make sure it is doing all you expect it to do.

Speaking of possible damage, American Lightning really believes in that old adage...
... "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  (Benjamin Franklin, the Father of the science of lightning protection, penned that!)  We understand a lot about the common causes of "wear and tear" on a lightning protection system.  So, we have developed designs that help extend the life of your system - such as stronger-than-standard joints, and structural designs that give other professionals plenty of room to work without having to touch the lightning protection system.
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Main Ground Loop Plates, Cable Welds   Medical Center in Houston, TX   Office Building in Dallas, TX

Contact American Lightning - we can get your building protected - and keep it protected
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