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Lightning Protection for Homes

Most homeowners think that lightning protection just protects their electronics - and combined with a quality UPS system, it does.  But that is not the most important reason to have a lightning protection system installed.

Fire.  That is the biggest danger from lightning for the average home.  It’s not just wood houses that run the risk of fire and other types of lightning damage. Remember, lightning is attracted to metal, and lightning runs the path of least resistance. Strange but true – it often goes straight down the chimney, and into the room below.

Think lightning strikes are rare?  In 2005, there were 30,159,533 recorded * cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in the US.  Protect your home, and protect your family.  That's the most important reason to call ALPS today.

We have extensive experience with many different construction types.
Click on the pictures below to see a sampling of our projects.

New family home - protected   Rambling ranch house - protected   New Construction - protected

Let us tell you about our affordable, quality systems specially designed for homes like yours.   

* Recorded by the National Lightning Detection Network, and does not include Hawaii or Alaska.
Lightning strikes are common enough that they're even caught on video - click here - may take a few moments to load.
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